Positive and Negative space.

De Stijl’s House
Positive and Negative space

I used to think; to create an individual space, a wall would be an ideal element to do that.

In my recent project about the Fleet River, I went to my site several times. I went there during daytime and nighttime and I realized that the level of light at specific times could create the differences in atmospheres, the light posts on the dark street shone the beam of light on the road, created a space for the man who decided to stop there and talked on the phone. The front door of busy Starbucks during the day turned into a bedroom for the homeless to sleep under the shade of the roof at night.

Photo taken near the Fleet Street: the bright spot on the dark night.

From what I observed on the site those days, I then got very interested in how the lightness and the darkness can do to a space. “Space within space” can simply produce using one of the simplest design elements, Light.

As in the lecture on 20th January 2010, I saw a photo of De Stijl’s House, which was taken at night when the light in the house was on. The photo gives a very different effect to the surroundings and the house itself. When I saw the comparison of the photos of the same house taken in the natural light, and another one taken in the artificial light, what was used to be positive during the day became negative at night and what surprised me was the hidden layers of the space started to appear. I began to see the complexity of the space in the house.

The picture above is the front cover of the first issue of de Stijl magazine, he created the front cover using black ink printed on a paper, formed a sense of negative and positive space used in the cover design.



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